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Mealtimes can be quite a challenge in our house. First up, I have to cater for myself, who could stand to lose a few pounds (or even stone), and Hubby, who is thin as a rake with an annoyingly fast metabolism and is prone to headaches if his blood sugar drops too low. Then there's Dearest Son, aged nearly five, who sees eating as a chore rather than a pleasure, unless of course it's junk food with zero nutritional value. Add to the mix Darling Daughter, who is six months old and getting started with weaning, and you can probably see how hard it can be to cook a meal that the whole family can (and will) eat.

I'm sure there must be other families out there facing a similar challenge, which is why I decided to start blogging a few of my favourite recipes and hacks, in the hope that other mummies (and daddies) may find them useful.

Baby bolognese

RecipesPosted by Naomi Thu, August 25, 2016 20:53:47
Spaghetti bolognese is a staple in our house - it's quick and easy to cook, and everyone likes it. I normally use this recipe, which I have developed over the years by starting with a basic recipe and trying out different things to add to the flavour. The only problem is that it's not the most suitable for Baby Led Weaning: it's lower in salt and sugar than most shop-bought sauces, but still a little high for a baby; plus it would be extremely messy! This baby version combines the flavours of a bolognese with a finger-food format. It does use an extra pan, but takes minimal extra preparation.


Mixture of vegetables cut into fingers (carrots, courgettes, peppers, small broccoli florets, etc - whatever veg you're putting in the rest of the family's meal will probably work)
3 tbsp tomato juice, or 1 tsp tomato puree mixed with 3 tbsp boiling water
1/4 tsp garlic granules
1/4 tsp dried basil or oregano
3-4 pasta shapes (penne or fusilli work well - I use wholemeal)


When boiling the spaghetti for the rest of the family, pop the pasta shapes in the pan along with it and boil until tender.
Meanwhile, put the veg in a small saucepan with the tomato juice (or puree and water), garlic and herbs. Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer until tender, stirring occasionally. (The tomato juice should reduce down, but not boil dry - add a tiny bit of extra water if necessary.)
Mix in the cooked pasta shapes, then remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and allow to cool before serving.

I served this with a couple of fingers of cheese, and it seemed to go down very well with Darling Daughter!

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