Us and the kids

Us and the kids

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Mealtimes can be quite a challenge in our house. First up, I have to cater for myself, who could stand to lose a few pounds (or even stone), and Hubby, who is thin as a rake with an annoyingly fast metabolism and is prone to headaches if his blood sugar drops too low. Then there's Dearest Son, aged nearly five, who sees eating as a chore rather than a pleasure, unless of course it's junk food with zero nutritional value. Add to the mix Darling Daughter, who is six months old and getting started with weaning, and you can probably see how hard it can be to cook a meal that the whole family can (and will) eat.

I'm sure there must be other families out there facing a similar challenge, which is why I decided to start blogging a few of my favourite recipes and hacks, in the hope that other mummies (and daddies) may find them useful.

Recipe ratings explained

IntroductionPosted by Naomi Thu, August 18, 2016 19:26:08
I'll give all the recipes on this blog a rating out of 10. This rating reflects the things that I consider to be important in a family-friendly meal, such as healthiness, convenience, and of course whether everyone enjoys it.

To come up with the mark out of 10, I score the recipe one point for satisfying each of the following criteria. For example, a fish and chips takeaway would score 6/10, because it's easy and everyone likes it, but it's not at all healthy!

Here are the criteria:

1) It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare (not including time in the oven when I can be getting on with other things);
2) It contains at least 3 of 5-a-day (when served with any suggested accompaniments)
3) It doesn't contain excessive amounts of saturated fat, sugar or salt;
4) I don't have to cook something separate for either of the kids;
5) It doesn't give anyone indigestion;
6) Hubby and I both like it;
7) Dearest Son eats at least half of his portion;
8) Dearest Son doesn't have a meltdown while eating it;
9) Darling Daughter can eat at least some of it;
10) Darling Daughter makes it through the entire mealtime without screaming.

A score of at least 8/10 means the meal was generally a success, at least in our house, and worth posting here for others to try!

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